Santa Filomena farm is located in a little village called Huelquén near Los Andes mountains in the heart of the Maipo´s Valley. Here the climate and soil conditions are ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, the kind of grapes that have made this valley famous around the world.


Las Mercedes farm is located in "Isla de Maipo" village, in the Metropolitan Region of Chile. We limit to the south and west with the north bank of the Maipo river, which allows that the constantly cold breezes and the cold influences of the Pacific Ocean, alternate with the warm sun of the valley, creating a perfect microclimate for growing grapes like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.



Our Maipo Valley´s lands has predominantly warm Mediterranean climate, with cold, rainy winters, long and dry summers.

The temperature variation between day and night reaches 18-20 ° C. In the summer period is 32 º C during the day and 12 ° C at night, which is a great contribution to the physiology of the vine and the ripening of the grapes.

• Rain: Approximately 488 ml. annual, which fall from May to September of each year and the wettest month is July.

• Relative Humidity: Between 60% and 70%.

These climate conditions are perfect for growing our vineyards, allowing healthy harvest and more concentrated grapes, resulting in the production of high quality wines and complexity.



Our soils types are rocky alluvial and sandy alluvial that came from:

- The Maipo river´s flow in Las Mercedes farm that is located in Isla de Maipo.

- From former tidelands as "El Inca" in Huelquén area where Santa Filomena farm is located.

In these soils we may find five layers:

- L1 (0-25 cm), with clay loam texture.

- L2 (25-55 cm) with stones and gravel representing 50% of the total soil volume.

- L3 (55-100 cm) sandy silt matrix.

- L4 (100-115 cm) pocket of gravel.

- L5 (> 115 cm) deep sandy loam soil that reaches over 200 cm sometimes.